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Who are we? For a decade we’ve been sharing your moments with you. We stop moments from becoming faded. They have a second life with images and we ensure those moments are just fleeting.

Modern + Vintage+Retro + Contemporary Urban + Down-Home.

Photography for the Poetic Soul. Tell a story without words.

Capturing your favorite moments and people you love as ; this is what we are all about.
The best moments in your lives as art is the blissful client/photographer synthesis. This is who we are. This is what we do.


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I have been getting numerous inquiries regarding albums. I love making albums and by trial and error have found this company that I am IN LOVE with! I also get requests from couples that have used other wedding photographers to design them an album. I love doing it and the albums are so modern and fresh. 

They come in 8×8 usually best suited as ‘parent albums’, the 10×10 are the most common size because they are easy to carry and showcase while the 12×12 are the big dads. Whatever your preference they def are the best momento previewing your wedding day. You will love your album.


The most common color is black and can be monogrammed to your preferences. The largest album is actually tan camel color although can look orange depending on your monitor. 

The pipe is next to the albums to give them size perspective. 

Before the albums go to print you have a hand in how they look and are designed. If you happen to not care for a picture that I think you look fab in- you have the final say!

Email me with questions! xoxoxo 


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a little about our work

Frequented Questions

What describes my style of photography?

I would describe my work as a fusion of candid (PJ – Photojournalistic style) as well as employing my education in lighting,  posing and art to choreograph the most optimal shots possible. This is where hiring the professional becomes significant. Having experience and education means these are the foremost thoughts of a true professional and completes a skilled vision.

My work is Romantic, Intimate, Fun, Quirky and all those things that couples have used to describe their relationship.

Where are the majority of your weddings shot?

Charleston is the number 2 wedding destination capital in the United States. I do several weddings here locally but I’ve also been hired to go to Maine, Atlanta, Maryland, Barbados and several other out of state venues. I travel wherever your wedding is.

What intrigues me most about wedding photography is every single venue is different. Even if you’ve shot at this venue on several occasions each wedding has been decorated uniquely for that couple and can seem like a completely new, fresh location. This is one of the reasons Wedding Photography appeals to me. It’s innovative and inspiring each and every time.

There are so many photographers. What sets you apart?

I’m educated in photography but an expert in people. Relationships are fundamental to my work and I place great emphasis on your relationship.  Getting to know you as a couple and people individually is my niche. I want to know if you are a fun, quirky couple… or if you are serious and love the intimate magazine shots.  I love photography not only because I love what I do but because I make friends out of my clients and they become my extended family. It’s sincerely gratifying for me to have made the friends I have.

Do you work alone?

No. I generally have several interns/assistants and will more than likely always have at least ONE other shooter at your wedding. There may be several more but at least one extra shooter will be at your wedding.

I can’t afford you!

Never say never. I’ve made accommodations in the past for couples and I acknowledge their specific situations. I also run specials and annually a FREE WEDDING CONTEST for lucky couples. There are also military and off day discounts to consider.  However, something to consider when hiring a photographer is it that it should be one of the principal vendors in your budget. Everything else you utilize for your wedding will be a distant memory but the photos last GENERATIONS!! Some of my favorite family photos are of my great grand parents and their wedding photos. This is how I know them, through those photos. They have long passed but the couple I know in those photos are forever my memory of them. Skimping on wedding photography has been the biggest regrets of many brides.  Consider great Wedding Photos an Investment to your family heirlooms.

Where do you prefer to take the portraits?

I try to arrive to your venue early if possible to determine possible locations to get the most distinguished location. Sometimes it’s on the grounds and other times we drive a few minutes to a location that is unique and will add diversity. I certainly prefer NOT to take photos at the church altar. PERIOD. The lighting is usually awful and dark while the altars have all sorts of distractions. Taking the family outdoors for a couple fun family photos is quick and painless and looks much better in the long run. Let the church remain a sacred location for your vows and take your images at another location. Trust me.

What’s included in your packages?

I love getting to know you, remember that from earlier? So, engagement sessions are so fun for me. I get some one-on-one time with you and you get to play model for the day.  Engagement sessions are included in every package. All post processing is included. A second shooter. Online gallery for all friends and family to view images without you having to be the mediator to direct everyone to the images.

I can only afford your 4 hour package. Won’t we miss several opportunities?

Not necessarily. When I’m hired for the minimal package my time is just more condensed. I generally get as many images as full day coverage but what happens is you or your planner realizes my time is limited therefore scheduling events you want photographed within this timeline. Honestly, it just takes making a list of what you consider important photos and maximizing your time with me. You won’t miss as much as you’d think.

How do you feel about guests taking photos?

I don’t have a problem with them taking images that day as long as they are courteous and watch their flash. I can’t be responsible for images over exposed due to flashes from other cameras. That’s always something to consider but during my 6 years in the business. Knock on wood. I’ve never had a problem.

What do you recommend to wear for Engagement Sessions?

I’m a big fan of similar color schemes. The best choices are ones that will contrast your hair. For example you wear a patterned grey shirt while he wears a solid. (Example:http://www.flickr.com/photos/tommehilton/3077920095/ ). I NEVER recommend white.  You can choose another outfit for 2 looks if you’d like some diversity. Some couples decide on a themed engagement for phase 2 ( second outfit change ). Are you football fans? Wear a jersey. Are you a fan of the 20’s era? Try a Flapper dress for you and a fedora and trench coat for him. I feel that the best engagement sessions are the ones where you incorporate yourselves. Bring props that incorporate your personalities. Remember you are a model that day. Play. Have fun!

How soon before the wedding should we do our Engagement Session?

In order for all products to back for the wedding I recommend about 2 months prior to wedding.

Do you recommend a bridal session?

Hands down! YES!! The bridal session is a run through of your day. You should get hair and make up done as you planned for the wedding. Wear the shoes you planned. Have the florist design a bouquet for you. Have the spanks on! Wear the panties you planned on wearing. This will give you the opportunity to determine if you dress fits. If the underwear gives you wedgies.  If your shoes are too tight and you won’t be able to stand in them for more than ten minutes. You may have thought you liked your hair in that certain style but when you saw it in photos, you actually didn’t, or it just didn’t hold up under the humidity. This will also spare you time during the wedding day not to have to concentrate on bridal photos and maximize time for you and him. I mean, this is the reason for the wedding right? The bride/groom photos!

Most girls have used the bridal session as a way to gauge the day and many have thanked me in the long run for knowing these things in advance.

When should we do the bridal session?

After the last fitting/alterations are completed.

What about my dress getting dirty?

It will get a little dirty. I take measures to try to keep it clean but you make plans to have it cleaned after the session. The images are definitely worth a little dirt. And, if you’ve seen my work. I’m not very traditional so there will be bending and moving and laying. Please bring someone with you that can help with the dress and the sheet placements.

I really my wedding to be the event everyone talks about! Any suggestions?


There is no age limit on the photobooth.  I’ve had babies and I’ve had 90 yrs olds. The photobooth ensures people aren’t running FROM my camera at the reception but running TO IT! I bring props and most brides usually have a table set up of props they’ve incorporated as well. They are fun and the funniest photos of your wedding! If you want the photobooth, ensure that your venue permits this as well as has a dedicated area complete with electrical outlets that is somewhat out of heavy traffic flow.  (This is one w/o props but fun, nonetheless).  These produce those memories you are sure to never forget!

How long does it take to get our photos back?

And 4 to 6 weeks for most sessions.

Why are products so expensive?

Believe me, there are plenty of less-expensive products. They are popping up everywhere. I’ve gone through several companies before I settled on the products I use. I’m insanely particular about the products I chose to use. Nothing less than perfection!  I refuse to use less than professional grade products which in turn, can be a little more costly. These products will certainly stand the test of time. The binding is high quality on the albums, the pages are thick and matte to prevent fingerprint oils from breaking down. The cover is genuine Leather in a cloth dust case as well as a presentation box. The canvases are treated in advance and carefully constructed to be ready to hang. They are once again, an investment of loving and preserving your photographs. No one knows the life expectancy of digital imagery. How long a disk will retain wear and tear deterioration.  Your products are what last forever.  Don’t neglect purchasing professional products.

I want to surprise him on our wedding day with a special gift. Any ideas?

Ummm, YEAH! He will love seeing the boudoirs you did in that album made JUST FOR HIM! He didn’t know you had this sexy side to you! You were wearing his favorite football jersey! You were wearing his favorite white shirt. You were wearing nothing!! Believe me. This will be the best groom gift he could possibly receive.

What vendors do you recommend?

I will be happy to send you to some of the best of the best in the wedding industry. Just drop me a line!

Dang it! You aren’t available on our date!

Is your date set in stone? Is there any possibility to maneuver dates and venues? If absolutely impossible, drop me a line and I’ll send you names of some really great photographers whom I trust.

What equipment do you use?

I have recently sold my Canon gear and I’m now a Nikon shooter. We use the best equipment by today’s industry standards.

For any other additional questions or if you want to just say hey. Email me at: gallery.tommehilton@gmail.com

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  1. Hi my wedding is on December 15, 2012, just wondering if you are open this day and what packages you offer. Thanks

  2. Hi, I just recently found out my Navy husband and I were expecting and we wanted to know you pricing for a newborn photo session?


  3. I would like to have family photos taken…what are your prices/packages? Thank you

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Please be advised that some of the images may deem offensive. I believe the body is never anything to be ashamed about in any given form. It truly is an amazing thing.  It also is the most historically emulated art form in the world. The human body.
The images are not to be viewed by those under 18 yrs of age without the consent of an adult.
Please contact me for more information.

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